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The wireless coverage area is an anticipated approximation of the actual service being provided and is subject to change as more towers are built. The level of voice and data service while within WIND (HOME) network coverage can vary due to terrain, foliage, technical capacity, or weather conditions. WIND Mobile cannot guarantee service availability.

HOME Network

You can use all of your WIND plan's features anywhere on WIND’s HOME network. Depending on the make and model of your phone, your phone’s screen will display HOME, WIND Home, WIND Zone, WIND, or 302490.

HOME/ Partner (AWAY) Networks

In these areas your phone could be using either our HOME network or a Partner network. Your phone will display either HOME or AWAY so you can always tell if you are able to use your plan’s features or be subject to roaming pay per use rates of 15¢/min, 5¢/text, and 5¢/MB.

Partner (AWAY) Networks

Our HOME network and our Partner (AWAY) networks cover over 98% of the Canadian and American populations. If you find yourself outside of our HOME network, our low flat pay-per-use roaming rates of 15¢/min, 5¢/text, and 5¢/MB are the same across Canada or the United States whether you're in Saint John or San Diego. When you’re traveling and on a Partner network, your phone may display AWAY or our Partner network name (i.e. T-Mobile in the U.S.A.).

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